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Carina Fearnley: short film on her traumatic brain injury

Just finished cutting a 5-minute film, an interview with my friend Carina Fearnley about her experience of traumatic brain injury following a car accident last year. We are entering the piece in a competition organised by the charity Headway.

Credits for sound from free

propeller plane.wav by Blahoslav | License: Creative Commons Elementary Wave 11.wav by Erokia | License: Attribution

20110903_splashing.even.more.10.wav by dobroide | License: Attribution

01260 water swimming splashing 1.wav by Robinhood76 | License: Attribution Noncommercial

Swimming pool by eguaus | License: Creative Commons

Ringing in ears (7500Hz).wav by Timbre | License: Attribution Noncommercial

Clank Car Crash Collision by qubodup | License: Creative Commons

Car Crash by squareal | License: Creative Commons

Baby Cry.wav by Adam_N | License: Creative Commons

base+0o–4-chord–10–CDGA–100-100-100-100.wav by ayamahambho | License: Attribution

rustling paper.wav by keweldog | License: Creative Commons

Mini Van.WAV by inchadney | License: Attribution by dobroide | License: Attribution

My Tinnitus Sound by hear-no-elvis | License: Creative Commons

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