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Evgenia Arbugaeva’s ‘Weather Man’ series

Evgenia Arbugaeva’s feature in The New Yorker on a Russian meteorologist in a remote Arctic outpost is possibly the most perfect photography essay I’ve seen since… well, her series on Siberian mammoth tusk hunters that I saw in National Geographic in April 2013.

Of her subject, she says, ‘He doesn’t get lonely at all. He kind of disappears into tundra, into the snowstorms. He doesn’t have a sense of self the way most people do. It’s as if he were the wind, or the weather itself.’ Very beautiful…

Maybe a photographer needs to be from the place or region she is working in to make images this good and she is – Arbugaeva grew up in Tiksi, a small town in the Russian Arctic. Her website is not huge but the stories there are all amazing.

Thanks to Bob Sacha for posting ‘Weather Man’ on a certain social media site that begins with Face.

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